18 Oct 2011

The journey begins.

Author: tworootless | Filed under: Attractions, Boondocking, Travel

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Except for spending a night or two in a Walmart parking lot, spending a few winter months living in the Yuma and Quartzsite desert, it was new to us.  What we learned:The Cons:

1. The need to carry extra water and waste water containers is imperative.

2. Our two marine deep cycle batteries aren’t heavy duty enough to enjoy the 1700w inverter.  We’ll need to add another marine battery, or change the system over to 4 6v golf cart batteries.  However, the additional weight may be an issue.

3. We’ll need an amplifier on our wireless internet card.  One of the area’s we liked was too far from a tower.

4. Dust!  As mentioned in previous articles is unyielding and becomes a part of every day life.

5. Wind.  Great if you have a wind generator.  Which we are looking into.

The Pros:

1. Solitude

2. Unobstructed views of fantastic sunsets.

3.  Savings.  After the initial investment for a proper set-up, BLM charges $180.00 for a 6 month stay.  Compared to $1,800 for a full hook up site.